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The Fall Might Not Have Been Your Fault

Owners and occupiers of property in Ontario hold a responsibility to keep that property safe and reasonably free of hazards. This obligation extends to private homeowners, business establishments and municipal governments. If an owner or occupier fails to take proper care, injury can result to a visitor, patron or passerby.

If you have suffered an injury, you do not need to suffer the effects without assistance. The slip and fall injury lawyers at Alam Law Firm in Toronto can help. While a slip-and-fall injury claim in Toronto can be a challenging legal endeavour, everyone who has been hurt has the right to seek legal advice. Our lawyers will let you know where you stand and what we can do to help.

Our team of experienced slip and fall injury lawyers Toronto will help you win your case.

Documenting And Assessing The Hazard

Slip-and-fall claims must be filed quickly, both to preserve the evidence and to meet legal deadlines. If you have fallen on city property, you may have only a matter of days to file. Documenting the condition of the area in which you fell and contacting our law firm right away will help your chances for a successful legal claim.

Cellphone pictures, videos, and the names and numbers of any witnesses are all valuable pieces of potential evidence. Our FAQ page on slip-and-fall cases has more information.

A trip-and-fall accident can be the result of any number of hazards. Property conditions that can lead to a serious injury include:

  • Unstable store displays
  • Store spills, including wet floors from cleaning, fallen produce or liquids
  • Broken or unstable staircases
  • Uneven flooring
  • Poor lighting in staircases and hallways
  • Icy sidewalks

If you are recovering from a slip-and-fall injury, our lawyers can help. We will assess what happened, how you were injured and whether you may be able to advance a legal claim for personal injury. We will be your advocates throughout legal proceedings.

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