Litigation Services For Real Estate Investments

Disputes over home ownership can be both stressful and emotional. We have extensive experience litigating real estate matters concerning closing dates and liens. At Alam Law Chambers (ALC), our lawyers are dedicated to securing your investment.

Based in Mississauga, Ontario, our goal is to pursue an outcome that lets you receive ownership of your new property within a reasonable amount of time.

Closing Dates And Liens

We can protect your rights against the strict enforcement of closing dates if the property is not realistically move-in ready. We offer solid legal representation to make sure your right to a reasonably completed home is protected and enforced.

Liens, wills and estates laws, beneficiaries, debts or certificates of pending litigation can all cause barriers to obtaining a clear title on a property. At ALC, we leverage our experience litigating a variety of real estate disputes to pursue your right to ownership of a property clear of any external interests or encumbrances.

Protecting Your Investment

At ALC, we understand how stressful the combination of a real estate transaction and pending litigation can be. There's a lot of finances at stake, and you want to make sure that you can still move into your new property carefree.

Our goal is to protect your down payment, your investment and the opportunity to claim this new residence as yours. We leverage our knowledge and experience litigating real estate claims by helping you understand the external interests against your new property, and your options to secure your investment.

Meet With Our Real Estate Lawyers

If you have legal questions about a real estate transaction dispute, contact Alam Law Chambers and find out what tools you have at your disposal. Call 877-345-0541 or send us an email to set up an consultation.