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Purchase And Sale – Residential And Commercial

Legal Services For Residential And Commercial Purchase And Sales

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Real Estate legal service is being provided by a Lawyer/law firm at the Alam Law Chambers (ALC), has independent, separate and distinct practice from Alam Law Firm, Professional Corporation( ALF). These lawyer(s) working independently, owns and operates their practice. They are not employee and/or partner of ALF. Consumers/Clients are encouraged to satisfy themselves for their skills, knowledge and experience prior to retaining them. ALF does not give any representative and/or warranty.

Whether it is the purchase of a new home or new commercial property, you want to make sure your ownership is free of any problems. We want to ensure you understand all the details of your purchase agreement and if there are any restrictions to the purchase or use of the land.

At Alam Law Chambers (ALC), we represent buyers and sellers in both residential and commercial purchases throughout Mississauga, Ontario and Peel Region. We provide legal support to ensure sales close by deadline and clearing any outstanding issues and resolving disputes.

Relationships With Banks And Lending Institutions

Our extensive history working on purchase and sales agreements has allowed us to develop professional relationships with many banks and lending institutions.

Each lender is different. We understand their processes, deadlines and how to keep a file moving. We leverage this knowledge by offer you a more efficient, expedient process for your transaction.

Rental And Lease Agreements

If you own a commercial building and want to rent out office space, our lawyers can advise you on drafting appropriate and fair rental agreements. We can explain what your rights are as the owner and as the tenant, and anticipate any problems that may arise within a lease agreement before you sign.

At ALC, we understand the need to keep the process moving. When you are ready to move, negotiations and disputes can delay your plans. With our experience, we know which procedures need to be followed, and reasonable deadlines, and can provide you with a realistic timeline for when you can close a sale.

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Our real estate lawyers can help you make sense of a purchase and sale, rental or lease agreement. Call 1-647-955-3038 to arrange a consultation. You can also arrange a meeting by filling out our online contact form.

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