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Personal injury is about people. Every day, people are hurt because of unfortunate events that leave them reeling. Recovery is often long and puts many aspects of life on hold.

Lawyers are the advocates who help people get what they need to manage the transition to life after a serious injury. At Alam Law Office, we have chosen to focus our practice on personal attention, providing clients with a full range of legal services that are specific to their unique needs.

Part of this work is being assertive in the fight against insurers, challenging their claim denials and reduction of benefits. Over several years of practice in Ontario, our lawyers have learned what it takes to get fair results for our clients.

Alam Law Office is dedicated to winning your case.

Standing By Those Who Need Us Most

At Alam Law Office, we believe that everyone deserves advocacy. Those whose injuries are minimized by an insurer should have someone to speak up for them. We take pride in this work, always ensuring that client satisfaction is ultimately achieved in every case.

Personal injury law is a broad legal area that encompasses many kinds of cases. Among the files we handle are:

  • Motor vehicle accidents — We have a proven record of getting results for clients in vehicle collision cases that include bicycle and pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, traumatic brain injury claims, spinal cord injury claims and bone fractures
  • Long-term disability claims — Our firm can guide you through the process of asserting a disability claim. This includes appeals when claims are denied.
  • Workplace injuries —We help workers bring forward injury claims through insurance or a lawsuit
  • Slip-and-fall cases — If you were injured by a dangerous property condition, such as a slip-and-fall on a slippery floor, we can help you hold the property owner or manager accountable.

The common thread in all of these cases is the need to have personal, assertive advocates on your side in the face of overwhelming opposition.

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