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Filing a claim following a slip-and-fall accident

When a person is injured in a slip-and-fall accident in Ontario, he or she may be able to recover for damages against the owner of the property where the accident occurred. Ontario property owners are responsible for keeping their buildings reasonably safe and hazard-free. Businesses, governments and private individual owners are all under this obligation to visitors, customers and passers-by. In some cases, even trespassers may have legal claims following a slip-and-fall accident in Ontario.

Driving too fast linked to car accidents

The drivers most likely to get in a car accident might be those who are going too fast. Ontario residents might like to know more about a University of Waterloo study that looked at aggressive driving tactics to see if there was a link between these behaviors and vehicle crashes.

Multi-vehicle accident leaves 6 injuries

It was reported on June 29 that an Ontario man was facing criminal charges after he was involved in a multi-vehicle accident that left a 12-year-old boy with critical injuries. According to the police, the accident resulted in a total of six people being taken to hospital as a result of crash injuries.

Motorcyclists in a surprising number of fatal crashes in Ontario

Motorcycles, mopeds, motor scooters and motorized bicycles comprise 2% of the vehicles on the roads of Ontario. Yet, according to a study that appeared in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, these vehicles are behind 10% of all motor vehicle fatalities in the province.

More pedestrians dying in poorer Ontario neighbourhoods

It appears that auto accidents in Toronto, Ontario, are more common in low-income neighbourhoods. This was the conclusion of CBC Toronto after analysing 11 years' worth of police data from 2008 to 2018. Lower-income communities saw 50% more collisions than higher-income ones.

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