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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Car accidents in Ontario can be avoided by defensive driving

Safety on Ontario roads is the responsibility of all vehicle operators, including those riding bicycles and motorcycles. Federal, municipal and provincial governments make traffic laws, aiming to manage safe traffic movement, and violations of any traffic laws can have serious legal consequences. Moreover, it might cause severe injuries or even fatal car accidents.

Unanticipated spring rain can cause car accidents

After a harsh winter, many people in Ontario who have had enough of winter driving cannot wait to get onto drier roads and enjoy the spring. However, many car accidents occur during April and May because over-eagerness prevent drivers from considering the hazards of spring. One of the mistakes many drivers make is to remove their snow tires too soon. Although snow at this time is unusual, it is not impossible.

A car accident caused by drowsy driving can ruin lives

A significant percentage of annual crash injuries and fatalities in Ontario result from fatigue and drowsy driving. Authorities in traffic safety urge drivers not to take to the roads unless they are well rested. Even travelling for short distances can be deadly if the driver is fatigued. The consequences of causing a drowsy driving car accident that leaves others injured or dead can ruin a driver's life.

Matters to consider before filing a tort claim

The civil justice system of Ontario allows victims of accidents that were caused by the negligence of others to seek recovery of damages. However, there are a number of matters to consider before a tort claim is filed. This field of the law is complicated, and rushing into legal action could be problematic.

Legal and insurance questions about self-driving car accidents

Innovations and advanced technology are rapidly leading to a time when roadways in Ontario and elsewhere will be have more self-driving vehicles than traditional ones. It will likely also bring about radical changes in the economy and the ways people and cargo loads move from place to place. Many questions exist about car accidents involving self-driving vehicles, negligence, liability and insurance matters.

Precautions for bikers to avoid motorcycle vs. car accidents

With the imminent start of spring, motorcyclists in Ontario might be looking forward to getting their bikes out of winter storage and take to the open roads. There is no getting away from the fact that there will always be the risk of being involved in motorcycle vs. car accidents, often with catastrophic consequences. An Ontario biker who was a victim of such an accident now uses his experience to warn other bikers.

Medication can cause car accidents involving older drivers

Being able to drive undoubtedly provides older drivers in Ontario with prolonged independence, as long as they can continue to be responsible, safe drivers. With age comes the need for various medications, and some of them could adversely affect driving ability. The Canada Safety Council reports that slow response, interaction with operators of other vehicles, and the failure to see pedestrians, other cars and road signs are the primary causes for car accidents that involve senior drivers.

Tort claim: Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians at risk in winter

Every year when winter comes around, it appears that Ontario commuters have to learn about the dangers posed by wet and slippery roads all over again. Any innocent victim of an auto, pedestrian or cycling accident may file a tort claim in an attempt to recover damages. All commuters, regardless of their modes of transport, must work together and consider each other to prevent injuries and fatalities.

Car accidents: Cannabis use more risky if combined with alcohol

Since cannabis use was legalized in Ontario and the rest of Canada, the way in which its use affects driving ability has been explored. However, authorities say that existing research covers only severe crash injuries and fatalities that occurred in car accidents in which cannabis use played a role. They say that the effects of THC, which is the psychoactive chemical that is present in cannabis, seldom proves to be present on its own in the blood of victims. In most cases alcohol is also present, showing that marijuana on its own may not be as dangerous as first assumed.

What is a tort claim, and what does it involve?

Anyone in Ontario can pursue a civil lawsuit against a person or entity that caused him or her injuries. Such a claim is known as a personal injury, or tort claim. It requires the victim, or plaintiff, to prove to the court that the defendant was negligent and at least partially at fault for causing the car accident or another incident that led to personal injury. Tort claims are typically filed in provincial court.

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