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When you are injured and cannot work, you need benefits to survive. For most, financial compensation is a matter of necessity. Unfortunately, even those who have coverage through workplace short-term and long-term disability plans face resistance from their insurer when they file a claim.

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The lawyers at Alam Law Firm are focused on helping people get insurance benefits when they need them most. Our firm is assertive with insurers in Windsor, Ontario challenging their claim denials and vigorously pursuing appeals


Tort Defendant
Car accident, Our lawyer were able to obtain a settlement of 1.1 million for the Torte Defendant


Accident Benefit
Truck accident. our lawyers were able to obtain $650,000 from the accident benefit for the psychological injuries suffered by the driver


Accident Benefit and Tort
Truck accident. Liability was contested for the accident. Our lawyers worked very hard in fighting liability and were able to obtain a settlement for the driver for 1.9 million for combined accident benefit and Tort


Many people find their insurance claim is denied outright or benefits ceased after a period of time. This happens despite medical evidence that they cannot return to work. The lack of income from an inability to work, combined with the denial of insurance benefits, can cause families economic devastation.

Often, injured people get more attention from insurers when they are represented by lawyers. As personal injury counsel, Alam Law Office knows how to deal with insurers and advocate strongly for our clients’ causes in serious injury cases.


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Abdul Bashir

I am very happy to say that Alam Law's professionalism, and amazing work ethic is what led to one of family members receiving compensation for a horrible accident they had been in. The offices were always clean, and aesthetically pleasing. They really care about their clients and even the clients families. I wish them success in their future endeavours and thank them from the bottom of my heart for helping get my family member the compensation they deserved.

Tariq Shah

Positive: Quality, professional, honest, always available and friendly. I am an accident victim client for Alam Law . Mr Alam and his entire team are very hardworking and professional. He fought my case very hard and got me the compensation i deserve. I recommend any accident victim to contact him and hire him . he is a gem to our society and community. He really take care of clients like own family and always there when you have a question. Recommend for for all legal purposes

Bobby leqatikoitoga

Alam informed me of the journey and what it would take to settle my LTD case. These years have been very difficult and Alam was always very informative, respectful and professional. Everyone in his firm was polite and treated me with dignity and respect and I saw that when other clients came in. He believed in me and my case and I appreciated the way he took the time to understand who I was as a person and not just a file number. The office was very timely in returning phone calls, emails and setting up meetings I would highly recommend Alam Law to anyone who feel they need to have excellent legal representation for a dispute case. The best lawyer since I have ever been in Canada representing me in all my problems it’s good to have a lawyer like this.

Bajia Jan

My husband got a disability and was unable to do work, as well as the LTD benefits were denied by the insurance company. We had very bad financial situation. Some of my friends referred me to Alam Law. Mr. Aftab Alam explained to me in free consultation about everything in detail for how he can handle my case and release me from this bad financial situation. As promised, they resolved my issues and settled the case in 8 months. We got more than the expectation, which allowed for me and my family to rebuild hope. The Alam Law team has been providing valuable contributions to the community with great services. I personally appreciate Mr. Muhammad Alam, Mr. Aftab Alam, Mr. Andy and Clara, as they provided me with the excellent law firm services.


About Alam Law Firm: Experienced, Expert Personal Injury Lawyers At the Alam Law Firm, Barristers and Solicitors, we exclusively practice Personal Injury Law. Our firm handles the complex legal, medical and insurance issues, allowing the clients to focus on your road to recovery after serious accidents or disability. We provide realistic solutions to the daily challenges and problems you will encounter as a result of your injuries. When you are injured, it is important to clearly understand your rights and obligations to ensure the best possible outcome. To attain these results our legal professionals will explain your rights and the processes involved in the simplest of terms. We believe that it is our job to act as your advocate and trusted advisor in all matters of your recovery. Putting Experience, Integrity and Personal Attention to practice, it is of utmost importance to us, that you and your family receive all the necessary care, support and compensation you deserve.


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5100 Dixie Road Mississauga,
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