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When you are injured and cannot work, you need benefits to survive. For most, financial compensation is a matter of necessity. Unfortunately, even those who have coverage through workplace short-term and long-term disability plans face resistance from their insurer when they file a claim.

The Long Term Disability Lawyers at Alam Law Firm are focused on helping people get insurance benefits when they need them most. Our firm is assertive with insurers in Ontario, challenging their claim denials and vigorously pursuing appeals.

Our Long Term Disability Lawyers Toronto has handled thousands of cases. We will help you win.

Assertive Advocacy For Short- And Long-Term Disability Appeals

Many people find their insurance claim is denied outright or benefits ceased after a period of time. This happens despite medical evidence that they cannot return to work. The lack of income from an inability to work, combined with the denial of insurance benefits, can cause families economic devastation.

Often, injured people get more attention from insurers when they are represented by lawyers. As personal injury counsel, Alam Law Firm knows how to deal with insurers and advocate strongly for our clients' causes in serious injury cases.

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Disability Benefits

CPP disability benefits are also often denied or stopped, leaving injured people in difficult financial circumstances. We will be your advocates through all stages of CPP disability appeals, using every available avenue to get you a fair and just result.

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