Disability Lawyer Markham

If you have suffered an injury or illness that has made you unable to work, a long-term disability lawyer in Markham can help you to get the financial compensation that you need. At Alam Law, we have helped thousands of clients to get the compensation they need from their disability insurance and from Canada Pension Plan.

CPP Disability Claims and Long-Term Disability Claims Markham

When an injury prevents you from being able to work and earn an income, the financial impact can cause even more stress to you and your family at a time that is already difficult. If you have long-term disability insurance that you hold privately or that you have through your employer, this is supposed to help. The Government of Canada also offers benefits through CPP. Sadly though, some people become disabled, and their insurance or the Government refuses to pay.

If your claim is being denied by your insurance company or by CPP, a long-term disability lawyer in Markham can help.

At Alam Law, we have professional long-term disability lawyers who are ready to help you get the benefits that you are entitled to. Because when you have the financial help you need, it is easier to recover.

At Alam Law, our team has fought for thousands of clients in Milton to help them with their long-term disability claims and we will help you with yours too.

Let us Represent You for Your Short- and Long-Term Disability Appeals

If you have filed a claim for long or short-term disability, and your insurance company has denied your claim – of if they have cut your claim short while you are still disabled, the team at Alam Law can help you with your appeals. Unfortunately, claim denials can happen even when you have medical proof that you still need the benefits. At Alam Law, we are committed to helping our clients get the financial resources that they need to support themselves and their families.

Hiring a long-term disability lawyer is one of the best ways to ensure that your interests are protected. In fact, insurance companies tend to take those who are represented by a lawyer more seriously. When you have a Markham long-term disability lawyer to represent you, you have a better chance of receiving the benefits that you need in a timely manner.

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Disability Benefits

If you do not have your own long-term disability insurance, you may be able to collect benefits that are offered through Canada Pension Plan. Unfortunately, sometimes even these benefits are outright denied or cancelled before the injured person is able to return to work. But the team at Alam Law can help you appeal the decision by CPP so that you can get financial support during this difficult time.

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  • We are experienced long-term disability lawyers in Markham.
  • For clients who are too injured to come into our office, we can visit you at your home or in your hospital room.
  • Our expert, long-term disability lawyers have an excellent track record of winning claim denial appeals against insurance companies and against CPP.

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