Long Term Disability Hamilton

If an injury or disability has caused you to lose your ability to work, it is important that you speak to a long-term disability lawyer in Hamilton from Alam Law. Our firm has helped thousands of clients get the compensation and disability benefits that they deserve.

CPP Disability Claims and Long-Term Disability Claims Hamilton

Being able to work and provide for your family is perhaps the most valuable asset you can have. Unfortunately, though, this asset can disappear if you become disabled from an injury or illness. Ideally, your long-term disability insurance will cover you and ensure that you are financially secure but sometimes insurance companies don’t pay out the way they are supposed to. For those that don’t have insurance or not enough, the government provides some coverage through Canada Pension Plan.

If your insurance company or CPP is resistant to your claim, contacting a long-term disability lawyer is your smartest move.

At Alam Law, our dedicated team of long-term disability lawyers and Hamilton are experts at what they do and will work to protect your rights and get you the benefits that you deserve. And when you are financially comfortable, you are better able to focus on your recovery.

Let our firm work on your behalf to challenge your disability insurance denials.

The Best Representation for Your Short- and Long-Term Disability Appeals

When you make a claim for long or short-term disability, you may find that the insurance company will try to deny your claim. Or even if they approve your claim, they may try to end your disability coverage early before you are recovered enough to return to work. At Alam Law, we see this a lot – even when there is medical evidence to support the claim. That is why we are so focussed on helping ensure that our clients have the financial support that they need to provide for themselves and their families while they are recovering.

When an injured person is represented by a long-term disability lawyer, insurance companies take notice. They are less likely to get denied for their claims and they are likely to receive the benefits that they are entitled to much faster. The lawyers at Alam Law are experienced in dealing with insurance companies and we know how to get the best possible outcome for you on your disability claim.

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Disability Benefits

Canada Pension Plan offers disability benefits as well, but it is not uncommon to see these benefits denied or cancelled early when the injured person is still in need of them. This can be especially hard for a disabled person who is unable to work and support themselves. The expert legal team at Alam Law know how to help you with your CPP disability appeals to help you get the financial support that you need.

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  • We are experienced long-term disability lawyers in Hamilton.
  • We will meet you in your home or hospital room if you are too injured to come into our office.
  • We have a proven track record of helping our clients get their claim denials reversed.

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