Immigration, Residency, and Sponsorship Applications and Procedures

Whether you want to immigrate to Canada for a better life, to reunite with your family, or to search for greater employment opportunities, you will need to ensure that your application for entry successfully passes through the department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The Lawyers / Immigration Consultants at Alam Law Chambers (ALC) are dedicated to serving your needs by providing advice, guidance, and resolving your immigration-related disputes in accordance with your unique situation. Located in Mississauga, Ontario, ALC offers clients throughout Ontario a wide range of immigration services, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • All types of Sponsorship Applications
  • Applications for Permanent Residence
  • Skilled worker Permits/ Work Permits residency visas
  • Investment and Entrepreneur Visas
  • Student Visas
  • Temporary Residency Visas
  • Refugee Claims

Make Sure Your Application is Correct the First Time

As the IRCC has strict guidelines regarding the foreign individuals it accepts into Canada, it is essential that your application is completely and accurately filled. Multiple attempts at applying may hinder your chances of a successful outcome.

At ALC, the Lawyers/Consultants understand how to apply for immigration/residency in accordance with the laws and requirements established by the IRCC. Whether you are a new Canadian immigrant or a resident trying to assist a family member into the country, ALC Lawyers are able to use their immigration-related knowledge and experience to assist you in facilitating the application process.

Addressing Challenges And Denials

ALC Lawyers/Consultants are adept at ensuring that your forms are correctly and completely filled. They ensure that you:

  • Include the right statements
  • Include the right documents
  • Avoid any technical rejections during the process

If your application is denied for any reason, an ALC Lawyer can litigate the matter for you. Whether it regards alleged criminal activity, health concerns, or questions about your finances, an ALC lawyer can determine if there is a valid case against you, assess your options, and provide you with advice on how to move the matter forward.

Arrange a Meeting with One of Our Lawyers

Do not hesitate to contact an experienced lawyer/consultant at ALC to receive the legal advice that you need. Call 877-345-0541 or use our online contact form, so that we can connect you with one of the lawyers/consultants at ALC who exclusively practices in Immigration Law.