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Proposed insurance changes bad for province

The proposed changes to the auto insurance benefits put forth by Ontario’s Liberal government means that those seriously injured in car wrecks will have potential benefits slashed drastically. On a recent weekday, a press conference was held in Queen’s Park by an alliance comprised of the Brain Injury Society of Toronto, the Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, individual victims and the Personal Injury Alliance. The groups are appealing the proposed insurance coverage changes. One of the members of the Personal Injury Alliance said, “It’s going to be twice as bad because half of the money for medical rehabilitation and care would disappear.” The Liberals’ proposal in the 2015 spring budget plans to combine services for victims of catastrophic accidents. This means that rehab and attendant care could be limited to only one benefit maxing out at a million, which is half of the present $2 million limit. Additionally, while the statute of limitations to claim the benefits is currently 10 years, the proposal would now reduce it to only five. But that’s not all. They also propose altering basic car insurance benefits. Government agencies plan to combine rehab and medical benefits together with attendant care services into one benefit limited to $65,000. When they were separate benefits, the total exceeded $80,000. The Ontario Finance Minister seeks to drop the cost of car insurance and “bring [them] more in line with other provinces.” However, the Brain Injury Society of Toronto pointed out that the bill is likely to increase the burden on taxpayers. Their chairwoman stated that if the “changes go through, it’s going to be twice as bad because half of the money for medical rehabilitation and care would disappear.” Others will struggle and go without services while families take on more debt to meet their loved ones’ needs. Should the proposed changes become law, it will adversely affect Ontario residents who, through no fault of their own, are struggling mightily to cope with life-altering injuries.

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Personal injury tort claims in Ontario, Canada

Of all the jargon associated with Canadian law, tort seems to cause the most confusion. In the first place, it sounds sort of like a dessert and in the second place, no one seems to have any idea of what the term means. While it is safe to say you cannot eat a tort, that knowledge still does not tell you what the term is all about. Below you will find a few basic pieces of information about tort claims as related to injuries received in car accidents or other motor vehicle crashes. This should assist you in navigating the areas of the law that might pertain to your case. Requirements: Serious and permanent disfigurement such as scars or deformities. Serious and permanent impairment of one or more physical abilities, or; Serious and permanent impairment or one or more psychological or mental abilities What you can sue for: Pain and suffering Out of pocket expenses Lost wages and future lost wages Impairment of the ability to earn an income Business losses Loss of a competitive advantage within the work place It is also important to note that the injured party can file a tort claim even if he or she is receiving Accident Benefits. Between the tort case and the Accident Benefits, the injured party will likely be able to comfortably cover medical and living expenses and not have to worry about lost wages. The injured party can file a tort against the driver of the other motor vehicle involved in the car or truck accident or the driver of the car in which the victim was injured. As you can see, filing a tort claim for personal injuries incurred in a car accident is a viable approach to recovering damages for your case. We invite you to browse our car accident web pages to learn more about filing a tort claim in Ontario and other Canadian locations.

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Ontario residents overcharged for car insurance premiums

Profit benchmarks established by the regulator for Ontario’s insurance industry caused drivers in the province to overpay for their insurance premiums by as much as $3 to $4 billion over a dozen-year span. A study by the Schulich School of Business at the behest of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association revealed that the 11 per cent ROE that Ontario’s Financial Services Commission established was exorbitant and an onerous burdern to Ontario consumers. The authors of the study suggested reducing premium rates by capping the ROE at 5.8 per cent, in conjunction with other measures such as lowering the operating cost assumption. Using data from 2013, these measures could bring reductions in premium costs down by nearly 8 per cent. The present low rate of interest should allow the cap to hover around 5.5 per cent, concluded the study’s authors. Trial lawyers in the province have called for an investigation by the auditor general into the auto insurance industry in Ontario. They have also requested that the government take steps to lower the profit cap. Liberals promise to slash consumer’s car insurance rates on an average of 15 per cent. The Finance Minister’s spokeswoman announced rates dropped over 6 per cent in the last two years. According to his press secretary, they “look forward to reviewing the report.” It’s never been a secret that the insurance industry in Canada is profit-driven with the goal of limiting payouts and low-balling settlement offers whenever possible. It can be quite difficult for the average Ontario resident to successfully negotiate with an insurance adjuster to get the highest value for one’s personal injury claim. Retaining an Ontario attorney familiar with the machinations of the insurance industry can be very helpful.

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