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Proper Car Headrest Position Can Help Reduce Whiplash Injuries

Allowing yourself a few seconds to properly adjust your car seat headrest before you drive can reduce injuries to the neck by up to 40%. Neck injuries fall into the category of soft-tissue injuries, usually caused by some sort of whiplash movement. Whiplash often occurs in car accidents when the head is rapidly pushed forward and then backward as a result of the collision. Only A Small Fraction Of Drivers Position Their Headrest Correctly The Canadian Automobile Association posted the results of a study conducted by the Insurance Bureau of Canada. The study states only 14% of drivers have their headrests in a correct position. It reports that if drivers position their headrests correctly, they could reduce about 40% of whiplash and other soft tissue injuries. According to CAA, insurance rates have steadily increased over the last year in part due to the amount of soft tissue injuries from car accidents. The Best Way To Position Your Headrest In order to position your head-rest correctly, the top part of the headrest should reach between the top of your ears and the top of your head. The width of the head-rest should ideally rest between your ears. The effects of neck injuries caused by whiplash can range from minor aches and pains to severe physical damage. In order to make sure you are properly compensated for a neck injury as a result of a car accident, it’s important to speak to a personal injury lawyer. He or she will be able to evaluate the proper compensation you should be owed for your injuries.

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Newer Changes To Insurance Act Can Affect Older Cases

The Ontario Court of Appeal (OCA) has confirmed that changes made to the Insurance Act in 2015 can apply to older matters. According to Law Times, the OCA decided that amendments to the Act introduced in 2015 would apply to two pre-2015 car accident cases. This means that insurance companies would pay a reduced rate on prejudgment interest for non-financial losses to plaintiffs in cases before and after the amendment. What Amendment Was Applied? The amendment reduced prejudgement interest. The rate was changed from 5 per cent to instead match the current bank rate at the start of the proceeding, which is generally a lower rate. Regarding car accident cases, this affects the amounts car insurance companies would pay the plaintiff to cover losses such as bodily injury or death resulting from a car accident. What This Means For Car Accident Claims Whether or not this is beneficial to the defendant or plaintiff depends on the lawyer. In one of the cases, the defending lawyers stated the reduced rate is a good idea because it would reduce delays in proceedings since there’s very little financial gain for the plaintiff on prejudgment values. On the flipside, one of the plaintiff’s lawyers involved said the reduced interest rate makes it harder to reach an effective settlement before going to trial. Neither of the parties involved has said whether or not they would appeal this decision. It’s important to make sure you receive proper compensation for the damage and injuries sustained in a car accident. As some of the damage, such as bodily harm or death, is hard to quantify, it’s best advised to consult a personal injury law firm. They can help you make sure your rights and interests are protected as you pursue an outcome that is beneficial to you.

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Ontario To Suspend Licences For Distracted Drivers

This week, the Ontario government revealed its new and updated penalties for distracted and careless drivers. Among the changes is a license suspension for distracted drivers on their third conviction. The changes are only proposed, but are expected to be put into effect later in the year. In a story in National Post, Ontario Minister of Transportation Steven Del Duca stated that once these changes take effect, Ontario will have the toughest consequences for distracted driving convictions in Canada. These amendments to the Highway Traffic Act (Ontario) were motivated after repeated complaints from safety and cycling activists asking for stronger penalties for careless and distracted drivers. According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, someone is killed in a car-related incident every 17 hours. What Are The New Licence Suspension Penalties for Distracted Drivers? Aimed at making drivers more accountable for their actions, the new distracted driving penalties include: First offence: 3-day suspended licence and potential fines Second conviction: $2K maximum in fines and a 7-day suspended licence Third conviction: $3K maximum in fines and a 30-day suspended licence G1, G2, M1, M2 licence holders would face the same fines, but even harsher suspensions: First Conviction: 30-day licence suspension Second Conviction: 90-day licence suspension Third Conviction: licence cancelled What Are The New Penalties For Careless Drivers? Careless driving offences, which include situations of illegal lane changes or driving on the sidewalk, currently carry maximum penalties of $2K in fines and 6 months in jail. The new changes affect careless driving charges causing death or bodily harm, and include: 5-year maximum licence suspension $2K to $50K in fines 2-year maximum jail sentence 6 demerit points The unfortunate truth about distracted or careless driving injuries is that they may have been avoided if drivers had exercised greater cautions of care. In order to effectively pursue your right for compensation after a car-related injury, you should seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer who can help you negotiate a fair settlement or prepare for

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