Pedestrians in Ontario will always be at risk. While most drivers operate their vehicles responsibly, some are distracted or impaired, and they are frequently the causes of auto-pedestrian accidents. When pedestrians are struck in car accidents, their injuries are typically severe because they have no protection. Often, victims do not receive immediate care because some drivers choose not to remain at the crash scenes, leaving the injured victims for others to discover.

Each day people throughout the greater Toronto area take to the streets in their vehicles. Relied upon by many to get from one place to another, much of the time they interact without any problems. There are times however when this is not always the case. When vehicles collide with pedestrians, those individuals could be seriously injured.

As we have discussed in previous posts, when pedestrians are struck by cars, the injuries they suffer are often serious. Reducing the situations in which these incidents occur is just one of many reasons why carmakers are always seeking to improve technologies that stop vehicles before they come into contact with other objects. While there is no question this technology can be beneficial, this does not mean other methods, arguably simpler methods, should be overlooked.