There is a lot of information in the media about the dangers being distracted by one's cell phone can pose. While the primary focus of the messages communicated is often on distracted driving, some messaging has revolved around pedestrians who are injured because of being distracted by their phones.

In earlier posts we have written about pedestrian accidents and the devastating injuries they can inflict upon a person who is struck by a car or truck. One post, which focused on issues that if addressed might reduce the number of such accidents that occur, provided a tip geared specifically at heavy trucks. It was suggested that making side guards on trucks mandatory, could keep both pedestrians, as well as bicyclists, safe from falling under the wheels of a truck, where they could be crushed. 

As residents of Ontario are likely well aware, pedestrian accidents are an issue. When someone who is walking is struck by a vehicle the injuries inflicted can be devastating. Likely in an effort to reduce the number of these incidents that occur, the province recently passed a new law regarding crossovers. That law went into effect at the start of the year.