Alam Law Chambers is a legal resource for the people of Mississauga and elsewhere in Ontario. Our associate lawyers offer services in a diverse range of practice areas, acting on behalf of clients in transactions, in dispute resolution proceedings and in court.

Alam Law Chambers: A One-Stop Shop For All Your Legal Needs

Alam Law Chambers (ALC) is an Independent Facility and not part of the law practice of Alam Law Firm, whose legal practice is restricted to the areas of Personal Injury, Insurance Denials, and Disability Claims.

ALC is only a facility (not a law firm) where several lawyers run their own independent law practices (using their own names), which offer effective legal services in many different areas of the law. This Law Chamber provides clients with a more cost-effective and affordable service under one roof, which includes legal services in:

Faster Access to Resources and Answers

ALC is home to a number of lawyers with extensive experience in their dedicated practice areas. ALC provides a one-stop-shop for all of your legal needs.

Our goal at ALC is to make sure that you have the resources you need to help you resolve your legal issues. For instance, if you come into ALC with a family law matter, and it affects your real estate holdings or estate planning decisions, you can meet with one of the Lawyers who exclusively practices in that area of law, so that you get the answers you need quickly.

The Same Quality of Care

As ALC wanted to ensure that the community would have access to affordable lawyers who would be able to provide quality service for their legal needs, the solution was to establish Alam Law Chambers.Lawyers at ALC can offer affordable rates and services.

Contact ALC Now

Lawyers at ALC can answer any questions or address any concerns that you have about the legal issues that you are facing. To find out more about how we can help: Call ALC at 877-345-0541 or schedule a consultation with one of the Lawyers at ALC by sending us an email.