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August 2015 Archives

Fatal work accident could lead to wrongful death claim

Depending on one’s job, what a worker will be expected to do will vary widely. While some occupations are at a greater risk for a worker being hurt, few go to their jobs expecting that they will suffer a serious injury that results in their death. Nonetheless, this does happen all too frequently throughout the nation, including the Toronto area.

Fatigue, speed blamed in crash that injured comedian and killed 1

Serious motor vehicle accidents can impact people from all backgrounds, even individuals who are famous. Residents of the province of Ontario may remember the trucking accident that occurred in the United States and resulted in devastating injuries to comedian Tracy Morgan and others who were traveling in the 10-seat limo with him. One man was hurt so badly that he died as a result of his injuries.

Elderly pedestrians at highest risk of death following accident

Throughout the Toronto area individuals walk to get from one place to another. Whether someone walks as a mode of transportation or for exercise, there are certain dangers related to the activity. One of those dangers is being struck by a vehicle.

Accidental deaths often increase over holiday weekends

This past weekend, in observance of Civic Holiday, many residents enjoyed an extra day tacked onto their weekend. While the way in which the additional day was utilized by residents varied, many likely enjoyed the time off and returned to their regular schedule on Tuesday, refreshed and ready for the rest of the week. For 16 others however, the activities they engaged in resulted in their death.

Study focuses on mental health disabilities in mining industry

Workers in Ontario seek disability benefits from employers for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they are a result of physical injury or illness. Other times however, it is due to mental illness. In Canada, mental health issues account for approximately 67 percent of long-term and 78 percent of short-term disability claims.

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