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Upcoming winter could bring more ice, car accidents than normal

All residents of the province of Ontario are likely aware that more care needs to be taken when driving in the winter months. The blowing snow and ice can lead to treacherous driving conditions for those who are travelling in it. Drivers in the province should be aware this winter could be particularly bad. This is because According to climatologists, the El Nino cycle currently affecting Ontario could bring nasty ice storms.

What you should know about disability benefits from CPP

Disabled individuals reside throughout Canada, including the province of Ontario. When a disability makes it impossible for someone to continue to hold a job, he or she may want to apply for disability benefits from the Canada Pension Plan. As is the case with most governmental plans, to succeed there are multiple guidelines that need to be followed. If those rules are not followed, it can be difficult to secure the benefits.

Ontario community changes sledding laws in time for winter

Winters in Ontario can be long and hard to get through. To help combat that many people try to get out with their families to enjoy activities that only winter offers. One activity popular with adults and children alike is sledding. Unfortunately, the activity can also sometimes be dangerous and result in serious injuries to those involved. Depending on where the injury occurs, it is possible the owner of the land where the hill is located could face a lawsuit. 

Is the weather to blame for high number of pedestrian accidents?

Pedestrian accidents happen throughout the province of Ontario all too frequently. When they do, the pedestrians involved often end up seriously injured. While there are many reasons accidents of this nature could occur, as is the case with virtually any incident involving a vehicle, the weather can play a role. According to a report recently shared by the Weather Network, late last month, the weather is believed to have contributed to a high number of pedestrian accidents in Mississauga’s neighbor, Toronto. 

Could targeted publicity effectively reduce pedestrian accidents?

Auto-pedestrian accidents are a serious problem in the GTA and across Canada, and it can be difficult to understand why. After all, every driver has the legal duty to take reasonable care, and all they need do to avoid hitting pedestrians is to watch for them and STOP.

Nevertheless, among all those involved in Canadian traffic accidents, pedestrians account for around 14.5 percent of all serious injuries and 15.6 percent of all traffic fatalities, according to the most recent national data available from Transport Canada. The most recent Ontario-specific data found that in 2013, an estimated 4,270 pedestrians were injured and 91 were killed in Ontario alone.

Is there any action society could take to make a real difference?

Falling televisions sets could severely injure children

As technology has evolved, flat-screened televisions have become the norm. When most people in the province of Ontario purchase a new TV, their focus is likely on the size, picture, and getting it set up as quickly as possible. While setting it up, few likely consider how the TV’s location could pose a risk to children.

Children, particularly toddlers between the ages of one and three, could be seriously injured if a TV falls on them. A recent study, which was published in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics, determined that an alarming number of children have been harmed in incidents of this nature. Specifically, tens of thousands of children were hurt when a TV falls on them.

Ban on pit bulls in Ontario 10 years old

Ten years ago Ontario put into place a law that bans pit bulls. Under the Dog Owner’s Liability Act, American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers and pit bull terriers cannot be purchased, sold or bred. After the law was enacted, ownership of the animals was also prohibited, though animals that fit this breed that were alive before the law went into effect were grandfathered in and are considered “restricted.” Accordingly, they must be spayed or neutered and cannot be in public without a leash and muzzle. 

Defect in trucks prompts recall of 250,00o vehicles

There are multiple reasons why a motor vehicle accident might occur. While the first thing that may come to mind when someone hears that a crash has occurred is negligence on the part of a driver, there are other factors that could be to blame, or be a factor. One of those factors is defects with the vehicles involved. When a vehicle does not work the way it is supposed to it is possible that the driver could lose control and be in an accident. Other times, while a defect in a vehicle might not be to blame for the accident itself, it could be what causes those involved to suffer injuries.

As children return to school pedestrian traffic increases

In the fall there are many changes that take place in households with school aged children. The biggest is of course that children go back to school after a summer vacation. After a period of time with children out of school, drivers throughout the GTA may not be prepared for the increased traffic around schools. This traffic consists not only of vehicles, but pedestrians as well. Some of those pedestrians are small children who may be difficult for other drivers to see.

Is it possible to receive both disability and employment incomes?

Readers may be aware that under some circumstances workers may be able to secure disability benefits from an employer. For some, securing those benefits is a challenge. For others, holding onto them once they are awarded is an issue. Recently, a Superior Court Justice ruled on a matter concerning the payment of disability benefits.

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