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4-way intersections and pedestrians

Pedestrians who are crossing roads in Ontario might want to pay special attention to their surroundings at four-way stops that are not controlled by traffic lights. Because vehicles and pedestrians at these kinds of intersections must use their own discretion, the first-come, first-served system can have some grey areas.

It is important to note that vehicles are always obligated to stop at stop signs. When approaching a four-way stop with no other traffic, a driver must stop at the stop sign regardless of whether or not it is technically their turn to travel. If a pedestrian arrives at the intersection before or at the same time as a car, the car driver must allow the pedestrian to have the right of way.

Before stepping onto a crosswalk at an intersection, pedestrians should make sure that the cars they will be walking in front of are stopped. Car drivers should also be looking out for pedestrians at all times, as pedestrians move slower than cars and are therefore less able to avoid accidents. Because car drivers do not always stop when they are supposed to, pedestrians are advised to make eye contact with drivers to ensure that they have been seen before they cross.

A pedestrian who has been injured while using a crosswalk at an intersection might be able to file a lawsuit against the driver who hit them. The victim may also file an accident benefits claim to seek financial compensation for their medical expenses. A lawyer may be able to help someone in this situation to file the appropriate claims and seek an award for damages.

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