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48-year-old Ontario man perishes on roadside

On March 6, a 48-year-old man from Toronto died after getting out of his car near the intersection of Highway 400 and Highway 401. According to reports, he exited his vehicle so that he could attend to a flat tire. It is unclear how long he was stopped before another car ran into him. The collision occurred at around 3 a.m., just two hours before a similar incident took place in Mississauga.

According to reports, the man who died had turned his blinking hazard lights on. Police also said that his vehicle was not sticking out into traffic, so it is believed that the other motorist must have driven onto the shoulder. It is unclear why this individual failed to stay in their lane or how fast they were travelling at the time of impact, but the collision was serious enough that the victim died at the scene.

The motorist who caused the accident also sustained some injuries. This individual was transported to a medical facility for treatment, and authorities ended up closing lanes on the southbound side of Highway 400. Following an initial investigation, the road was completely reopened to traffic, but at the time of reporting, officials had not revealed whether criminal charges would be brought against the seemingly at-fault driver.

The survivors of car accident victims may need to actively pursue compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit, especially when their wage earners are killed due to the alleged actions of other motorists. Because police investigations do not always result in charges or damage awards, tort claims may serve as an important alternative. These claims must be well researched, however, and a lawyer may be able to provide assistance to a family who is seeking compensation.

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