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Elderly pedestrians at highest risk of death following accident

Throughout the Toronto area individuals walk to get from one place to another. Whether someone walks as a mode of transportation or for exercise, there are certain dangers related to the activity. One of those dangers is being struck by a vehicle.

Pedestrian accidents can happen anywhere, at anytime, to individuals of all ages. In the worst cases they lead to the death of the pedestrian. Toronto has seen a total of 22 such deaths so far this year. A majority of those deaths involved individuals over the age of 55.

According to a report issued by the pedestrian safety program at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, this is an issue for older individuals in Canada. More specifically, the study reported that despite there being a decrease in the number of pedestrian deaths throughout the nation, they are actually higher when it comes to the elderly. It found that pedestrians over the age of 55 were involved in 77 percent of the deaths.

While there are likely multiple reasons for this, a weaker body is often to blame. According to a Toronto a police Constable, following such an incident, deaths later occur despite seemingly minor injuries.

When driver error is to blame for such an incident occurring, it is possible that the family of those left behind could decide to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver. While these claims cannot bring back a loved one who has died, it may provide closure and make it easier for those family members to move forward with their lives.

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