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Is the weather to blame for high number of pedestrian accidents?

Pedestrian accidents happen throughout the province of Ontario all too frequently. When they do, the pedestrians involved often end up seriously injured. While there are many reasons accidents of this nature could occur, as is the case with virtually any incident involving a vehicle, the weather can play a role. According to a report recently shared by the Weather Network, late last month, the weather is believed to have contributed to a high number of pedestrian accidents in Mississauga’s neighbor, Toronto.

The incidents were believed to have been at least partially due to strong wind and heavy rain that resulted in reduced visibility in the predawn hours. Slippery roads as a result of the rain likely also contributed. The Toronto Star reported that at least 16 individuals were hit by cars during the weather event. This is more than double the number of such incidents that usually occur in an entire day in Toronto.

There are of course other factors that could lead to a pedestrian accident occurring as well, such as driver inattentiveness. Anytime negligence on the part of another party contributes to such an incident, the injured party could take legal action. If successful, the injured individuals could secure damages for those injuries. Those damages could be used for a variety of things including medical treatment and lost wages.

For the best chance of recovering damages following an accident it is in the best interest of the injured person to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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