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Ontario pedestrians continue to be injured in car accidents

A two-car crash in Toronto’s west end recently sent a pedestrian to hospital. Pedestrians involved in car accidents are not uncommon in Ontario — especially in busy large city intersections. The victim was rushed to a trauma centre in critical condition.

Three others involved in the crash were also taken to hospital with a variety of injuries not considered to be life-threatening and are said to be in stable condition. The critically-injured female pedestrian, in her 60s, was hit by a vehicle after another hit it in the intersection around noon time. One of the vehicles hit the side of a nearby home. Police are continuing their investigation.

Ontario residents injured in car accidents — or as a result of one, as in the case of this pedestrian — should discuss their situations with an experienced personal injury lawyer with a view toward pursuing fair compensation for injuries. Victims of car accidents caused by another person’s negligence may be able to get financial relief, even if they were passengers in the vehicle of the person found to be at fault. It may be difficult to prove negligence, but the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer is invaluable in these incidents. A lawyer also knows how to communicate with insurance companies.

If you, a friend or a family member are victims of someone’s negligence and suffering from injuries and losses, contact us to speak to one of our lawyers to know your rights and what steps you should be taking in order to protect your rights for the future. Car accidents can be devastating. An Ontario lawyer can ease many burdens while victims heal.

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