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Hit-and-run car accidents: What if the driver remains at large?

Pedestrians in Ontario will always be at risk. While most drivers operate their vehicles responsibly, some are distracted or impaired, and they are frequently the causes of auto-pedestrian accidents. When pedestrians are struck in car accidents, their injuries are typically severe because they have no protection. Often, victims do not receive immediate care because some drivers choose not to remain at the crash scenes, leaving the injured victims for others to discover.

If the victim’s injuries allow, it might be useful later if he or she can take note of the circumstances of the accident. The make and model of the vehicle, its colour and licence plate number along with noticeable dents or damage are all valuable bits of information. Anything that can assist law enforcement in locating the vehicle and identifying the driver might be helpful. However, in many cases, hit-and-run accident victims are too severely injured to gather information.

When it is up to police to locate a driver who left an accident scene at which there were injuries, they will look at any available security camera footage. Forensic investigators will inspect the accident scene and the victim for fragments of damaged vehicle parts, specs of paint or other bits and pieces that can be tested to help with the investigation. Furthermore, auto body shops and mechanics will be asked to keep a lookout for matching vehicles or buyers looking for replacement parts that might match the broken bits. Witnesses to the accident will also be interviewed.

The financial consequences can be severe for victims of hit-and-run car accidents in Ontario. Along with mounting medical bills and lost income, the emotional trauma can be overwhelming. Fortunately, an experienced personal injury lawyer is available to explain the rights and possible steps to take to recover damages. If the driver remains at large, it might be possible to obtain compensation through insurance providers.

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