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With early cold and snow in Ontario this year, motorists and pedestrians must be sure to take extra care. Car accidents are more prevalent in adverse weather conditions, and when there are pedestrians involved, the outcome is often tragic. While people of all ages are at risk when they have to get around on foot, seniors are typically more vulnerable and at an increased risk of being struck by cars.

Sidewalks and roadways are slippery, and snowstorms along with the limited daylight hours exacerbate the dangers. It might be wise to avoid walking in conditions of limited visibility and always to wear bright or reflective clothing when taking a walk. Footwear with well-maintained, non-slip soles is essential, and a walking stick to help maintain balance might be a good idea. Carrying too many parcels can compromise a pedestrian's balance on treacherous walking surfaces.

Pedestrians may not realize that distracted walking is as dangerous as distracted driving, and looking at a mobile phone instead of looking out for slip hazards can have devastating consequences. Furthermore, jaywalking and crossing outside of marked crosswalks or intersections with traffic lights or stop signs increases accident risks. Even when crossing where it is safe, it always helps to make eye contact with a driver before crossing, and keep in mind that vehicles need more time and space to come to a safe stop on slippery roads.

Victims of pedestrian vs. car accidents in Ontario might be entitled to pursue financial relief. Because pedestrians have no protection, the injuries they suffered when struck by automobiles usually leave them severely injured. Mounting medical expenses, long-term therapy, lost income, and pain and suffering might be recoverable if the negligence of another party caused the injuries. An experienced personal injury lawyer can provide the necessary support and guidance throughout dealings with insurance providers and any ensuing legal proceedings.

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