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July 2015 Archives

Child dies after fall from Toronto high-rise window

Whenever a fatal accident occurs it is sad. It is even more upsetting when the life that is lost is that of a child. Sadly this recently happened in Toronto. A 4-year-old boy died after falling from a window in a high-rise apartment, 15 stories up. Before the tragic incident, the boy, who did not live in the building and was just visiting, was playing with other children.

Tips for dog owners for preventing dog bites

For many people who live in Ontario, pets that are dogs are considered a part of the family. Unfortunately, while many of these animals are loving, loyal animals, under certain circumstances they can become aggressive with those around them. When a dog attacks and bites a human, the injuries inflicted can be serious and leave a person severely injured. While this can happen to anyone, the outcome can be particularly bad when the victim is a child.

Protest highlights Toronto area bicycle accidents

Cycling is a popular form of transportation in the Toronto area. While some use the mode of transportation strictly to get from one point to another, others participate in the activity for recreation or exercise. Whatever the reason someone hops on a bicycle, when they are involved in a collision with a vehicle, the outcome can be devastating.

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