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Why time shifts can lead to more crashes

In Ontario, personal injury accidents between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. increase dramatically in the 30 days after the clocks get set back an hour. This is partially because drivers in the province and throughout Canada are more likely to be driving home in the dark. A lack of light can make it harder to navigate roads that could also be slick with rain or leaves. It can also be harder to see when rain falls on pavement that is now illuminated by street lights.

According to government statistics, the personal injury rate goes up 19% during that period of time. However, the pedestrian collision rate actually falls by about 6% when the rest of the day is accounted for. Furthermore, the collision rate actually drops in November when compared to the period from June through October.

Government data shows that there is a 6% decrease in the number of accidents in the first 30 days after clocks are adjusted forward. There are several ways that individuals can reduce their chances of being in an accident during the late fall and winter months. For instance, pedestrians should wear clothes that make them more visible while walking or biking. Drivers may want to ask their bosses to leave work early before it gets dark out.

A driver, pedestrian or passenger in a car who is injured in a car crash may be entitled to compensation from the person who caused the accident. This may be true if the person who caused the accident was negligent in doing so. Negligent acts may include driving while drunk tired or in a vehicle that was not properly maintained. A personal injury lawyer may use witness testimony, police reports or other evidence to show that another person’s negligence was the primary reason a wreck occurred.

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