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Wrongful death claims best navigated by experienced legal counsel


Losing a loved one as the result of negligence of another person is likely one of the most heartbreaking events that any Ontario person can experience. It is not uncommon for surviving family members to experience feelings of frustration and anger after such an avoidable loss and the knowledge that they cannot bring that person back to life. However, they might recover monetary damages by filing and litigating a wrongful death lawsuit in a civil court.

Although it is true that no amount of money can replace a loved one, the unanticipated financial burden might be relieved by taking such legal steps. If you are in such a situation, the prospect of navigating complex legal proceedings could seem overwhelming, especially at such an emotionally difficult time. The personal injury lawyers at Alam Law Office are ready to provide the necessary support and guidance along every step of the way.

In court, the loss will be viewed in economic terms, and our lawyers will not only assist you with properly establishing negligence and identifying the potentially responsible parties, but they will also help you to quantify your losses. Economic losses that you could recover include, among others, the financial support your deceased loved one provided, along with funeral and burial expenses. However, the challenging part is to put a value on emotional losses such as loss of companionship, guidance and care.

We will provide you with the one-on-one attention you deserve. We will consider your unique circumstances as we explain your legal options and suggest the most appropriate way to proceed with the wrongful death claim in an Ontario civil court. The Alam Law Firm will do whatever is possible to help you pursue recovery of all monetary damages sustained.

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