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Legal counsel essential after slip-and-fall injuries

Did you slip and fall on the property of a private homeowner, a business or the premises of an Ontario municipal government? Negligence on the part of property owners could make them liable for the injuries you suffered in such accidents. However, accusing property owners of failing to keep their properties free of hazards and challenging them in the court might be intimidating.

A solution is securing the services of Alam Law Office, a Mississauga law firm that focuses on fighting for the rights of those who suffered damages due to the negligence of others. No slip-and-fall lawsuit is easy to navigate, but having an experienced lawyer in your corner can ease the process. Our lawyers can assess the circumstances of your accident and explain your legal options, and if you have a claim, we can provide the necessary advocacy and support to help you recover damages.

Potential causes of slips and trips include hazards such as spills and wet floors, unstable displays in stores, stairs in disrepair, insufficient lighting, and uneven flooring. Sidewalks that are icy or packed with accumulated snow can also cause falls with devastating consequences. Preserving evidence by documenting as many details as possible can help the lawyer who will present your claim to the court.

Time will be of the essence if you want to pursue recovery of damages. Claims against the city must be filed within days, and lawsuits against other entities also have legal deadlines. The lawyers at Alam Law Office in Ontario will expediently file you claim, and we will fight hard on your behalf to help you secure the maximum amount of compensation possible for the damages you incurred.

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