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Injuries on municipal property must be reported promptly

Ontario residents know how dangerous it can be when walking in the harsh winter, and many have to suffer the consequences of slip-and-fall accidents in the aftermath of the snowy season every year. Municipalities are responsible for the maintenance of sidewalks and roads, and if they do not live up to those expectations, falls resulting in serious injuries can occur. However, injured victims must report the incident to the municipality within 10 days if they want to hold the city responsible for damages.

Pedestrians who have to navigate neglected sidewalks, roads or municipal parking lots that are covered with snow and ice can slip and fall even if they take reasonable care. If written notice of such an incident is not provided within the required 10 days, the victim will forego any chance of receiving compensation. It is advised that this is done even if there is no initial intention to seek recovery of damages because injuries that seemed insignificant at first can ultimately cause long-term problems.

A written report of the incident must be delivered to the local municipal offices. Details must include a description of what happened as well as where it happened. A description of the injuries must also be provided. It might be wise to make an extra copy with the signature and date stamp of the person to whom the notice is delivered.

A medical report about the injuries from a licensed physician is essential if the victim later decides to seek recovery of damages. An experienced Ontario personal injury lawyer can then assist with the process of applying for compensation from the city. If that is unsuccessful, legal counsel can pursue financial relief through the civil justice system by filing a lawsuit against the city.

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