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CPP disability claims: Can a benefits recipient take a paid job?

For anyone in Ontario who suffered a debilitating injury that prevents him or her from returning to work, financial assistance will likely be a matter of necessity. That person might rely on benefits to survive, and he or she may also have to support a family. Navigating the process to get Canada Pension Plan disability claims approved is challenging, but once the person starts receiving benefits, there are specific rules to follow.

A recipient of CPP disability benefits may have questions about working a paid job to earn an additional income. This is allowed, but the amount that may be earned is limited. That limit for 2018 is $5,500, and if the amount is exceeded and not reported to CPP, some of the benefits received might have to be repaid.

However, receivers of CPP benefits are free to do volunteer work. They may also return to school to complete a degree or receive other education. Besides, they may attend re-training programs to prepare for their returns to the workforce when they are no longer disabled, which will mean the end of CPP disability benefits.

However, if the person is still disabled at the time of retirement, the benefit will automatically be converted to CPP retirement pension. Workers who are unsure about their rights can get all their questions answered by an Ontario lawyer who is experienced in dealing with CPP disability claims. Furthermore, applications for these benefits are sometimes denied, and a lawyer can also advocate for a disabled worker throughout the proceedings of an appeal with the goal of obtaining a fair result.

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