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Social assistance programs provided needed support

In Ontario, those recovering from an accident have access to support programs while they heal. The Ontario Disability Support Program’s Income Support is a social assistance program providing financial assistance for those with long- or short-term disabilities who meet income requirements.

The program can provide assistance with paying for day to day living expenses, such as housing costs and food. The amount of support received depends on specific factors like:

— Other income

— Family size

— Housing expenses

— Assets

— Income

Some potential benefits might include:

— Help with costs for transportation to doctors’ appointments

— Pharmaceutical coverage

— Dental coverage

— Diabetic supplies

— Hearing aids

— Wheelchair batters and repairs to other mobility devices

— Eyesight care

— Support for a guide dog

— Assistance with expenses related to work

It’s a myth that those receiving Income Support cannot work. Many Ontarians can and do work and are still eligible for assistance. The Ontario Disability Support Program’s Employment Supports can assist with training and other preparation for a job. The program also assists clients with keeping the job they have if they risk termination.

While situations vary, some may work and receive other benefits, like childcare costs while they are on the job.

It can be very frightening to undergo a personal injury and have nowhere to turn at your time of greatest need. These programs are one source of assistance for injured residents. Others may seek out legal assistance while they recover from the injuries they suffered to learn about the possibility of filing civil litigation in the matter.

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