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Disability claims may be rejected for insufficient information

While most Ontario residents are likely familiar with personal or employment provided disability insurance, some have not heard of Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits. Residents who meet the requirements for qualification can file disability claims through the CPP. However, only those who are not yet 65 years old can qualify if they also meet the other requirements.

The validity of a claim for CPP Disability benefits will depend on whether the applicant earned enough income and contributed enough to the CPP during his or her years of employment. The second requirement is for the person to meet the disability criteria for eligibility. The disability must be regarded as severe and prolonged.

Severity will be tested against the applicant’s ability to be gainfully employed — not necessarily in his or her usual occupation, but any other field of employment. To meet the prolonged requirement, the disability must be long-term or regarded as severe enough to cause death. The application process involves the filling out of several forms, which must be accompanied by medical reports and a form that must be completed by a doctor.

Rejected CPP Disability claims can be appealed, but the process could be extremely challenging. To make it easier, it might be wise to utilize the skills of an Ontario lawyer who is experienced in dealing with complex disability claims. There are strict limits within which applications for benefits or appeals of denied claims must be filed. A lawyer can navigate the different levels of the appeals process while making sure all procedures are completed within the allowed time.

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