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Denied CPP Disability claims can be appealed

Ontario residents who have suffered debilitating injuries that make it impossible to return to work may need financial assistance to survive. For them, benefits are essential but disability claims can be tough to navigate. Even those individuals with short and long-term disability coverage through their places of work sometimes face resistance.

Disabilities are classified into two main categories — mental and physical. Mental disabilities include conditions such as depression, which is hard to diagnose and even harder to prove. Depression sufferers find it challenging to get up in the morning, and holding down a full-time job is almost impossible. Many other mental disabilities exist; some people are born with such limitations while others see them develop later in life.

Physical disabilities are visible and not difficult to prove, but unique problems can typically be present. These disabilities may limit the victims to low-paying jobs. In fact, it is not uncommon to also be stigmatized, making it more challenging to find suitable employment. If a person’s physical condition restricts his or her ability to carry out everyday tasks, disability benefits should be available.

Some Ontario residents are overwhelmed by the complexities and bureaucracy encountered when filing disability claims. They may seek the assistance of a lawyer who is experienced in fighting for the rights of injured people facing challenging financial circumstances. With no income and the inability to work, denied benefits could cause economic devastation. An experienced attorney can advocate for the victim throughout all the stages of the claims or appeals process with the goal of getting fair compensation.

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