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What if mental or physical disability claims are denied?

Workers in Ontario may be eligible for retirement pension through the Canada Pension Plan. Employees who contributed to the plan while they were employed will qualify. However, if CPP contributors suffer injuries or medical conditions that prevent them from returning to work, they might be eligible to file disability claims for benefits. Also, the children of benefit recipients or surviving family members of deceased recipients may also apply for benefits.

An employee who is unable to return to work might have questions about proving or motivating his or her disability. The worker can obtain a CPP disability application kit that will ask the necessary information to allow the administrators of the fund to determine eligibility. The questions will cover the cause of the injury or condition and details of the manner in which it affects the applicant.

The section that covers the medical information will have to be filled out by the applicant’s doctor, and reasonable doctor’s fees to get this done will be paid by CPP. Upon receipt of the claim forms, a CPP-hired physician will assess the medical information and recommend approval or rejection of the claim. Because the administrator’s decision is based entirely on the provided information with no physical medical examinations, it is essential that the provided details be accurate enough to indicate why and how the disability makes it impossible for the applicant to work.

Inadequate information is often the cause of rejected disability claims. For this reason, many victims of debilitating injuries or illnesses in Ontario choose to seek the support and guidance of a lawyer who is experienced in all matters related to disability benefits. A lawyer can navigate the claims process as well as suggest how to proceed in the event of a rejected claim.

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