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Who will be at fault in autonomous car accidents?

After officially opening AVIN earlier this month, Premier Kathleen Wynne said industry and academia in the province are brought together to work on the development of transportation technology for the next generation. Reportedly, over 150 companies are involved in the Ontario autonomous vehicle industry. These organizations employ approximately 10,000 people, and the plan is to grow the industry by increasing post-secondary students in relevant fields by about 25 percent in the next five years.

The first test-drive of an autonomous vehicle on a public road in Canada occurred in Ottawa in October. There will likely be many people who will continue to doubt that these machines would not cause accidents. If developers cannot convince consumers that no accident will ever be the fault of a driverless car, with added surety that the vehicles will have predetermined rules to determine fault in crashes, the industry will risk negativity from consumers that may be damaging.

While Ontario consumers may have many doubts and questions about car accidents involving autonomous vehicles, they may find comfort in knowing that an experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to provide answers. If such a car accident causes injuries, the victim might need the help of legal counsel to determine the viability of a personal injury lawsuit. If there are grounds for a civil claim, the lawyer can help with the establishment of negligence and the navigation of the legal proceedings.

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