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What to expect after an auto accident

People injured in car accidents in Ontario have access to Statutory Accident Benefits Coverages, which provides benefits mandated by the government. These benefits provide compensation when an injury or death result, regardless of which party is at fault.

Income replacement is a very important part of the coverages that compensates injured parties for any income, such as job earnings, which are lost because of an accident. The caregiver benefit applies to those unable to continue caregiving duties because of a car crash. There is also a non-earner benefit for those who do not meet the requirements for either income replacement or caregiver compensation.

Several medical-related benefits give recourse to victims after an auto accident. Medical benefits help compensate victims for their medical expenses. There are also rehabilitation benefits that cover rehab costs related to injuries and attendant care for the care that an aide or attendant provides. Other possible types of compensation include help with household matters and lost educational time.

When someone dies in a car accident, there are a couple of remedies available for surviving family members. A death benefit compensates family members, as well as a funeral benefit that covers burial expenses.

An accident benefits claim is something that car accident victims may want to take advantage of. Serious injuries are not only upsetting for those involved, but may cause difficulties over a longer period. Accident victims, who are facing a serious loss of income or extensive medical treatment for injuries suffered in a crash, may benefit from consulting with a lawyer to find out which steps to take next.

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