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A look at Ontario laws regarding driving through yellow lights

Ontario drivers may be interested in information about liability for car accidents when driving through a yellow light at an intersection. The law is somewhat unclear, leaving it up to the judgment of the driver as to the safety of travelling through in many cases.

According to Section 44 of Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act, a driver is required to stop at a yellow light if they are able to make the stop safely. Otherwise, they are directed to drive through the intersection using caution. There is no law in Ontario requiring those with green lights to yield to those already lawfully in the intersection, such as those who were waiting to make a left-hand turn after their light has turned red. One police spokesperson confirms that trying to sneak through a yellow light when it would have been safe to stop is dangerous and illegal.

When there is an auto accident that involves a car travelling through a yellow light, insurance companies look at all of the evidence in determining fault. This can include red light camera photos, police reports and statements from witnesses who were at the scene of the collision. Laws in Ontario allow an insurance adjuster to determine fault in this type of accident when making decisions about payouts and benefits.

When a driver recklessly enters an intersection, they put other drivers on the road in danger. If there is a crash, the car accident victim may have a legal claim against that negligent driver. A lawyer with experience in this area may be able to file an accident benefits claim or other legal action against the responsible party. This could result in compensation for damages stemming from the crash.

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