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Ontario right-of-way regulations

When someone comes to an intersection, it is important that they have right-of-way before proceeding. Simply using a blinker signal is not enough to obtain right-of-way; other motorists or pedestrians may have the right to proceed through an area depending on the type of intersection. When a vehicle arrives at the interaction also plays a role in who has right-of-way.

If there are no signs at an intersection, motorists must yield to traffic coming from the right. From a private road or driveway, both pedestrian and motorist traffic must be allowed to go by before someone has the right to proceed. At four-way intersections with stop signs, the first vehicle to come to a complete stop has the right-of-way. When more than one automobile arrives at the same time, the person on the right must be allowed to travel first. If there is a yield sign, people must slow or stop if necessary to allow other drivers to go through the intersection.

Pedestrians also have right-of-way at specially marked pedestrian crossings as well as when someone is turning left or right at an intersection. Additionally, for any intersection where the driver wants to turn left, oncoming traffic must be allowed to pass or turn before the motorist is allowed to proceed.

When people do not follow basic road rules like right-of-way, car accidents are more likely to occur. Crashes that occur at intersections can involve pedestrians, and the results may be fatal. If someone or their family member has been involved in a collision, a lawyer may be able to assist them in pursuing compensation for expenses like medical bills, vehicle repairs and car rentals. A lawyer could also help someone obtain wage replacement for the time they were out of work due to an accident.

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