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Fatal car accidents in Ontario are far more likely to involve a vehicle with a man behind the wheel, according to data released on March 23 by the Ontario Provincial Police. The figures show that 2,358 men died in auto accidents in the province between 2005 and 2014, which is more than double the number of women who lost their lives. The data also reveals that poor driving contributes to most deadly crashes.

The group most likely to be killed in motor vehicle accidents were men between 25 and 34, and the statistics indicate that many of these lives could have been saved if young men were more likely to use safety belts. Drivers made up 70 percent of road fatalities during the period studied, with passengers accounting for 23 percent of those killed and pedestrians 7 percent. While most of these drivers were behind the wheel of a passenger vehicle, 279 were killed while riding a motorcycle and 92 were truck drivers.

The statistics show that many road fatalities could be avoided by improving driving skills. According to the OPP data, only 450 deadly accidents involved drivers who were operating their vehicles properly. The statistics did contain some good news, in that traffic accident death rates among children and teenagers have been substantially reduced over the last several years.

Catastrophic traffic accidents can end lives or change them permanently in a matter of seconds, and many accident victims suffer debilitating injuries due to the reckless actions of others. Those injured in car accidents often never fully recover, and many of them are forced to spend lengthy periods away from their jobs. When an accident is caused by an impaired, distracted or careless driver, an injured victim may want to meet with a lawyer to determine what remedies may be available.

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