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You’ve been in a car accident — now what? (PART 3)

In today’s post, we finish up our conversation on what to do after you have been in a car accident. Now that we have taken the essential steps (check for injuries, report the accident and document the events), there are some extra tips that may be extremely helpful if you ever get in a car accident. These are tips that allow you to be proactive and prepared in case you are in a crash or in case someone’s negligent actions cause your injuries.

Having an emergency kit in your car can be extremely helpful. Here are just some of the things you may want to have in your vehicle in case of an accident:

–Flashlight and batteries–Fire extinguisher–Work gloves–First-aid kit–Tire repair kit–Toolkit–Booster cables–Thermal blanket–Warning cones or triangles–Towel–Bottled water–Hand wipes–Nonperishable food–Disposable camera These things can come in handy if you have been in an accident. They may not only help you, but they may allow you to help any victims in other vehicles involved.

Finally, consider some rules to consider in terms of the way you act. If you get in an accident, don’t fight with the other drivers involved. Keep yourself calm and leave the explanations for the police. On top of that, do not admit guilt or assume liability. Do not sign any statements or promise other drivers that you will pay for damages. These are the types of topics that you need to discuss with your attorney.

If you, a friend or a family member are victims of someone’s negligence and suffering from injuries and losses, contact us to speak to one of our lawyers to know your rights and what steps you should be taking in order to protect your rights for the future.

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