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Primary causes of car accidents in Ontario

Many people in Ontario may join those who ask why there are so many crashes despite the technological advancements in vehicle safety. Why is the number of people maimed and killed in car accidents on the province’s roads increasing every year? Could it be that the problem does not lie with faulty or unsafe vehicles but rather with dangerous drivers?

Statistics indicate that a significant number of accidents with serious injuries or fatalities involved excessive speed and alcohol. Another concerning issue is the number of crashes that claim the lives of young adults — mostly in urban areas where there are high concentrations of establishments where alcohol can be obtained. Legislation that includes driver suspensions, fines and jail sentences do not seem to deter drunk drivers.

Aggressive drivers who speed, tailgate, run red lights and refuse to yield to others are also responsible for many devastating auto accidents. Typical behaviour of these drivers includes the flashing of lights to irritate other drivers, making rude and aggressive gestures, and deliberate blocking in to prevent other drivers from getting away. These situations can even lead to verbal abuse and physical assaults.

Victims of aggressive or drunk drivers are often left with crushing consequences that could include catastrophic injuries and the loss of loved ones in car accidents in Ontario. If you, a friend or a family member are victims of someone’s negligence and suffering from injuries and losses, contact us to speak to one of our lawyers. We can inform you of your rights and what steps you should be taking in order to protect your rights for the future.

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