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Impatience, gap shooting and other causes of car accidents

While many Ontario drivers may think drunk driving, speeding and texting cause most crashes, other more fundamental drivers’ errors are often to blame. While it is true that distracted driving causes many car accidents, it is not only mobile devices that cause distractions. Anything that diverts the attention of the driver can cause a devastating crash in the blink of an eye. It could be attending to a child in the rear seat, admiring the surrounding landscapes and more.

Impatience is the cause of many highway crashes, and drivers who are frustrated if traffic moves too slowly often do what is known as shooting gaps. These drivers dart from one lane to another whenever the slightest gap appears, and they are usually already looking for the next gap. This practice is particularly dangerous when merging into traffic and making left turns. Speeding is another road hazard, particularly in adverse weather conditions. Injuries in high-speed crashes are typically worse than those caused by accidents in which all involved were driving at the posted speed limits.

Intersection violations frequently follow one of two errors. Some drivers speed up as they approach a traffic light in an attempt to beat it and then rush into the intersection as the light changes to red. The second intersection error occurs when a speeding driver realizes he or she will not make it in time and then slams on the brakes. This often leads to rear-end crashes, and it also brings up the problem of insufficient following distances, which is the most prevalent cause of rear-end collisions. Leaving enough space to come to a safe stop if the car in front comes to an unexpected halt is the ideal following distance.

Sadly, even those Ontario drivers whose priority it is to drive in a manner that will help them to arrive at their destinations safely may be injured in car accidents caused by negligent drivers. Victims may seek recovery of damages such as medical expenses, lost wages and emotional damages by filing personal injury lawsuits in a civil court. A lawyer who is experienced in the navigation of such lawsuits can be a valuable asset in the corner of an injured motorist.

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