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Car accidents: Multitasking is great, except when driving

In an effort to reduce the number of crashes and the resulting injuries and deaths on Ontario roads, law enforcement keeps a lookout for distracted drivers. Hoping to deter such behaviour, officers issue punishments that can include fines of up to $1,000 along with demerit points. However, even that is not enough of a deterrent because car accidents resulting from distracted driving continue to occur.

Reportedly, 16 per cent of all auto accident fatalities are caused by distracted driving, and although most people associate this with texting, records indicate that only one-quarter of those fatalities involved texting. There is no time to waste in the fast pace at which most people live their lives. Even the time spent driving calls for multitasking without regard to the dangers of doing so.

Drivers save time by having their meals while driving, and another few minutes can be saved if they can get their make-up or shaving done on the way to work. There might even be enough travelling time to check emails quickly, and replying to some of them might leave them free to take care of another task once they get to the office. Furthermore, some drivers use the time behind the steering wheel to take selfies, update social media or to comment on the posts of others.

Sadly, this all happens with total disregard to the safety of children or other passengers in the car and other road users or pedestrians. Injured victims of car accidents in Ontario are entitled to pursue financial relief through insurance or the civil justice system. However, proving that another driver’s distractions caused the injuries could be challenging and might be best achieved with the support and guidance of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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