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With the worst of the harsh winter in the rearview mirror, Ontario residents may look forward to getting out and enjoy the spring. However, the lack of snowstorms does not make the roads safe -- with spring comes a new set of hazards that can cause car accidents. The first step before taking to the roads might be to give the car a good once-over to check tire pressure and the levels of brake fluid and engine and transmission oil. Also, make sure the brake pads, windscreen wipers and other essential parts are in good order.

One of the dangers for which to keep a lookout is damaged roads. The multiple freezing and thawing cycles throughout the winter cause asphalt to crack, and it could form potholes that must be navigated with care as swerving can cause an accident, and going over it could cause tire damage. Furthermore, spring showers could leave roads as slick as if they were icy, and should be treated similarly. Advisers with the Ontario's Ministry of Transportation say motorists would be wise to avoid flooded roads.

Spring weather also brings out pedestrians and cyclists, adding additional dangers, which could lead to accidents with devastating consequences. Distractions add to the typical hazards of sharing the roads, and it is not only motorists who may be guilty because pedestrians who text while walking are as likely to cause accidents. Road users might want to keep in mind that any negligent acts that result in injuries or death to others could bring about civil lawsuits.

Victims of car accidents in Ontario might have grounds for pursuing personal injury claims to recover damages. For most, the prospect of filing and navigating a lawsuit might seem daunting, but help is available. An experienced personal injury lawyer can provide the necessary support and guidance throughout the legal proceedings, and he or she can also deal with applicable insurance claims.

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