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Teenage drivers, peer pressure, summer break and car accidents

Peer pressure is common among teenagers in Ontario, and the fear of rejection sometimes has catastrophic consequences. Wanting to be part of the group, have a fun summer break, and not be seen as different can make some teens do things they would not usually do. Unfortunately, things like driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs might result in devastating car accidents in which best friends might lose their lives.

Of course, this can be avoided by resisting the need to conform, and taking a stance against peer pressure may set an example to others. A person who refuses to get into the vehicle with an impaired driver and resists the pressure to do drugs and drink alcohol might have friends follow the example. Focusing on ways to say no rather than yes might save lives.

Driving after consuming any amount of alcohol is illegal for those under 21 years of age and so is drug impairment. It slows reaction time and limits the driver’s ability to concentrate. Judging distances, maintaining a constant speed and staying in one lane might be a struggle under the circumstances. Not only can such a driver put his or her life on the line but also the lives of passengers — and then there also be the legal consequences.

Victims of car accidents that were caused by the negligence of impaired drivers might have many questions about their legal rights to recovery of damages. An experienced Ontario lawyer can provide the necessary support and guidance to pursue the recovery of the maximum compensation. Through accident insurance benefits or a civil lawsuit, the injured person may be entitled to coverage of medical expenses, rehabilitative costs, lost income, non-earner benefits and pain and suffering.

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