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Car accidents: Has defensive driving become aggressive driving?

Some people in Ontario suggest that sleep deprivation and the rushed lives most drivers lead have caused a shift from defensive driving to aggressive driving. More and more car accidents involve some level of road rage and aggression. The increased number of vehicles on the roads is also said to play a role in the tension many drivers experience.

Drivers are reminded that even a hand signal like the proverbial finger or a look that shows agitation can cause a road rage incident. Certain personality types cannot control their tempers, and even the slightest incidents can push them over the edge. These are the people who will stop and attack who they believe is the source of their frustration and aggression.

Because aggression can lead to crashes, advisers suggest that drivers who know their own tendencies to become enraged may benefit from avoiding rush hour, allowing more time to reach their destinations and utilizing cruise control to avoid being worked up. They say drivers who are well rested and adequately hydrated tend to be calmer. Furthermore, it is suggested that having company on the drive might also help to avoid road rage.

Injured victims of car accidents that resulted from another driver’s aggressive driving or incidents of road rage may have grounds to file civil lawsuits to recover damages. This could be a challenging process that could be simplified by the support and guidance of an experienced personal injury lawyer. A lawyer can assist with establishing negligence on the part of the other driver, and advocate for the plaintiff in pursuit of recovering economic and noneconomic damages through the civil justice system of Ontario.

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