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Car accidents and snowy Ontario roads go hand in hand

It is time again to prepare for safe winter driving. Many car accidents during the winter months occur when drivers do not adjust their speed according to road and weather conditions. Proper planning that includes allowing extra time to reach a destination might prevent collisions. Carrying the necessary emergency supplies in the car and checking the weather forecast will also be smart.

When navigating the Ontario roads this winter, it will be crucial to remain alert and avoid distractions. A driver who loses focus for seconds to check a cell phone could fail to notice a reflection on the road that could have warned him or her of an ice patch. Steering gently through curves and where the roadway is slippery is essential, and increasing normal following distances will be wise.

Other risky actions on icy roads include abrupt gear changes, quick acceleration and hard braking, which can cause the vehicle to skid. Cruise control is better avoided on snowy, ice-covered or wet roads because it jeopardizes vehicle control and reaction time. Drivers should also be careful where snowplows are working, and it is safer to wait for them to pull over because passing might lead to head-on collisions.

All drivers are expected to take due care as they navigate snow-covered Ontario roads. However, crashes that cause severe injuries will continue to happen. When the negligence of drivers causes car accidents, injured victims will be entitled to pursue financial relief through the civil justice system of the province. However, this is a complicated field of the law, and the support and guidance of an experienced personal injury lawyer will indeed be a valuable asset.

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