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Who cause more car accidents — seniors or young males?

For unknown reasons, many people in Ontario assume that drivers who are older than 65 years put their own lives, and the lives of others, on the line. A spokesperson in a managerial position at the Canadian Automobile Association says that is a myth. Crash data shows that young males have proven to present the biggest dangers on the road and they cause most car accidents.

The spokesperson says statistics indicate that even though the numbers of older drivers are growing, the rate of accidents caused by them has dropped. To support these statements, he says seniors around the age of 80 years are much healthier than the average citizens of that age some decades ago. Advancements in the medical field have brought about optical surgery to remove cataracts and implant lenses, giving them excellent eyesight. Furthermore, their generation has an awareness of well-being and the importance of living healthy lifestyles to allow them to remain independent.

Further positives include the facts that fewer seniors drive while they are impaired, and they tend to avoid driving in adverse weather conditions and after dark. However, children of seniors are urged to keep a lookout for red flags and telltale signs of mental and physical issues that might jeopardize their driving abilities. Their independence is precious, but having ‘the talk’ might be unavoidable when warranted.

Car accidents could happen to anyone, regardless of age. However, senior drivers who suffer injuries in crashes should not automatically take the blame. They are as entitled to pursue financial relief through the Ontario civil justice system as any other crash victim. An experienced personal injury lawyer can assist with establishing negligence and advocating for the injured motorist throughout ensuing legal proceedings.

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