Car Accidents

Allowing yourself a few seconds to properly adjust your car seat headrest before you drive can reduce injuries to the neck by up to 40%.

Despite it being widely known that texting while driving is dangerous, throughout Canada, people continue to engage in the activity. While the prevalence of the activity would seem to indicate campaigns to stop the activity have fallen on deaf ears, a billboard recently posted in Toronto may have prompted some drivers to think twice about the activity. Located along the Gardiner Expressway, the bill board simply states “Text and Drive” and then includes the name of a purported funeral home.

In today's post, we finish up our conversation on what to do after you have been in a car accident. Now that we have taken the essential steps (check for injuries, report the accident and document the events), there are some extra tips that may be extremely helpful if you ever get in a car accident. These are tips that allow you to be proactive and prepared in case you are in a crash or in case someone's negligent actions cause your injuries.